Arcade1Up Is Bringing Marvel Vs. Capcom X-Men Vs. Street Fighter Cabinets Home

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The Arcade1Up  X-Men vs. Street Fighter looks pretty sweet, if you've got the space.

Arcade1Up revealed its upcoming wave of [/reviews/arcade1up-preview/ classic gaming cabinets] as part of [ IGN's digital week], and there's something for every old-school player in the lineup. The offerings include [ Marvel vs. Capcom], [ X-Men vs. Street Fighter], [ Ms. Pac-Man], [ Marvel Pinball] and [ Big Buck Hunter]. 
The Marvel vs. Capcom and X-Men vs. Street Fighter cabinets each include the other game, but vary in their other Marvel-related games. Here are the games on each:
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of SuperheroesMarvel vs. Capcom: Clash of SuperheroesX-Men vs. Street Fighter[ Marvel Super-Heroes: War of the Gems][ Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter]X-Men vs. Street FighterX-Men vs. Street FighterMarvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Superheroes[ X-Men: Children of the Atom][ X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse]

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"Not only have we brought to them the Marvel and Capcom crossover titles they have been waiting to see, but we did it in a way that speaks to the nostalgia of the original full-sized Arcade Machine that many members of our community have grown up playing," Scott Bachrach, CEO of Arcade1Up parent company Tastemakers, said in a release.

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The Ms. Pac-Man cabinet also includes Galaxian, Pac-Mania and Pac-Man Plus.

Marvel Pinball stands out in that it puts Zen Studios' digital game in a physical table. It'll include haptic feedback and up to 10 preloaded licensed titles.

The Big Buck Hunter cabinet will be Arcade1Up's first to include lightguns, and it'll come with Big Buck Hunter Pro, Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season, Big Buck Safari and Big Buck Safari Outback.

The company plans to release all of them in [ the holiday 2020 season], it confirmed to CNET via email, and they'll cost between $400 and $500 apiece -- a jump from the usual $300 cost. The pricing of the pinball machine remains unclear.

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